Does investing feel overwhelming for you?

·      What if investing felt really fun?

·      What if investing felt like freedom?

·      What if you didn’t feel ashamed or guilty that you haven’t taken the time to ask more questions?

·      What if you felt confident investing your money?

This course will give you the deets you need to feel informed when it comes to making investment choices. Make decisions based entirely on YOUR personal goals, understand where to get started, and what moves to make next!

This is for you if you are:

New to investing!

·      Understand what key actions you need to complete BEFORE you start investing

·      Figure out how to gauge your risk tolerance and time frame for your money

·      Learn about diversification and how not to put all of your eggs in one basket!

·      Minimize risk and learn how investing works! 

Experienced with investing!

·      Hear about how individual stocks or more advanced portfolios could make sense for you

·      Get tips on doing your research and ensuring your investments are in alignment with the rest of your portfolio

·      Understand your potential tax implications

Mutual funds, stocks, bonds, oh my! Investing is a great tool to grow your wealth, BUT it can be confusing! Investing 101 will demystify industry jargon, give you questions to ask an investment professional and info on different kinds of retirement and other investment accounts you can use to your advantage!

Real wealth can’t be accumulated in a checking or savings account. Investing is a MUST for your long-term success! 

Hi, I'm Nicholle!

As the Founder and CEO of Wilcox Financial Group and PowHERhouse Money Coaching I wanted to create a space where you can come and learn at your pace and have access to IMPORTANT information taught in a casual simple way. The goal of all these courses is to get you to take ACTION on what's most important in your life so you can get one step closer to reaching your financial goals... whatever that may be for you.

I've been in the finance industry over 11 years and created this company for women like you- smart & ambitious! I’ve also probably been in your shoes at some point throughout my journey. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned from every one, going from being in debt with zero confidence to, owning who I AM and having a net worth of over 7 figures by 30!

I want you to be unapologetic and own your desires. You can do anything you put your mind to, everything is figure-out-able. All you need is desire, passion and commitment with a side of discipline.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Medaille College, achieved my retirement planning specialist designation from Wharton and my MBA with a concentration in Finance from the University of Phoenix. I have my ChFC from the American college of Financial services and A LOT of REAL LIFE experience!

[email protected]

IG: @powherhousemoney