Knowing where your money is going is a HUGE part of a smart financial strategy and can be the difference between making it rain or being stuck forever.

Picture yourself enjoying:

·      Beach vacations

·      Spa Days

·      Fresh flowers

·      Brunch with friends

·      Spending splurges at your favorite store

·      Breaking free of a scarcity mindset and giving yourself the freedom to spend money on luxuries you love, while nixing the rest.

With ZERO guilt, shame or regret.


Imagine a plan that allows you to:

·      Say buh-bye to every mistake you have made and every terrible feeling you have had about money.

·      Build a savings account and set aside money for your dreams

·      Not have to check your bank account before buying a coffee

·      Increase your 401(k) and have an amazing emergency fund

·      Follow a career path that supports you mentally because you have the cushion to choose something you love, not something you have to do

·      Buy big ticket items guilt free instead of putting them on a credit card

·      Increase your net worth and become a millionaire


Stop beating yourself up about the money mistakes of the past and wasting your precious energy on what you can’t control. Instead, lets focus on what you can do now!

Whether you have just committed to getting on track or celebrating a major money milestone, being intentional with your dollars will help you get where you want to go!

Budgets are bullshit.  

⚡ They feel like a diet😫... restrictive and no fun

⚡ They don’t help you build money boundaries

⚡ They can make you feel like a failure because you didn’t “stick to your budget”


Your worth isn’t tied to your frugality and saving every penny isn’t the only goal. Wealth creation is about so much more than that!


What if we made it fun and easy and focused on spending money on what we VALUE rather than on cutting out everything that makes us happy to get there?


Which is why we’ve created our Signature Spend Plan course for you.


This course is for you if you:

·      Have a hard time prioritizing boring expenses like insurance

·      You make good money, but seem to spend everything you earn

·      You compare yourself to other’s spending habits

·      You use credit cards for emergencies

·      Fun, friends and family comes before important expenses or savings

·      You could but don’t invest for retirement

·      You don’t like looking at your accounts but then wonder where your money goes.



Inside this course you will learn:

·      What a Spend Plan is and how to make one

·      Where the heck your money is going

·      How to tailor YOUR plan to YOUR goals


When you are done you will:

·      Have an abundance mindset when it comes to your money

·      Be intentional with every dollar

·      Have learned to say “no” confidently to things that you don’t love, so that you can have the joy of saying “yes” to what serves you best

·      Be paying yourself first, saving for what’s most important and SPENDING the rest

·      …Without fear, judgement, or shame!


Creating a Spend Plan is about a lifestyle shift of spending more intentionally and consistently putting your money where your goals are. It might feel uncomfortable first, but with be so WORTH it once you see results!


Say goodbye to your budget and spinning out of control. Instead say “hello!” to our Spend Plan and being on track for success!

Hi I'm Nicholle!

As the Founder and CEO of Wilcox Financial Group and PowHERhouse Money Coaching I wanted to create a space where you can come and learn at your pace and have access to IMPORTANT information taught in a fun, simple way.

The goal of this Masterclass is to get you to take ACTION so you can get one step closer to reaching your financial goals... whatever that may be for you.

I've been in the finance industry over 11 years and created this company for women like you- smart & ambitious! I’ve also probably been in your shoes at some point throughout my journey. I’ve made plenty of mistakes and learned from every one, going from being in debt with zero confidence to, owning who I AM and having a net worth of over 7 figures by 30!

I want you to be unapologetic and own your desires. You can do anything you put your mind to, everything is figure-out-able.

All you need is desire, passion and commitment with a side of discipline.


I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Medaille College, achieved my retirement planning specialist designation from Wharton and my MBA with a concentration in Finance from the University of Phoenix. I have my ChFC from the American college of Financial services and A LOT of REAL LIFE experience!

[email protected]

IG: @powherhousemoney